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A Portable and Versatile Barrier, designed to protect against airborne pathogens

Protect healthcare professionals and prevent the spread of disease with the BIANCA Box.



The only portable, foldable, and self-sustaining intubation box with HEPA filtration.

Designed for speed, safety, portability, & versatility.

  • Prevents the spread of infectious aerosolized droplets
  • Complete setup in 60 seconds
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easily attach or remove from cot or bed
  • Optimized for mobile and clinical settings
  • Minimal biohazard waste footprint

Design Features


Straightforward & simple assembly minimizes setup errors and provides faster patient isolation.

Impact Resistant & Lightweight

Aluminum frame, polycarbonate panels, and collapsible stainless steel IV Pole.

3M Components

Motor, HEPA filtration with 10 air exchanges/minute, 8-hour battery. All reusable.

Universal Design

Attaches to all hospital & ambulance beds. Folds down to five inches. Set up in approximately one minute.

During the recent pandemic…

More than 115,000 health and care workers made the ultimate sacrifice doing what they love. Hundreds of thousands of first responders and healthcare workers answered their call to duty, not knowing whether the next patient’s life they were about to save could cost them their own.

A nurse with a mission…

While in nursing school during the Covid-19 pandemic, I saw the exhaustion and fear experienced by healthcare professionals and shared a deep sadness at the loss of so many lives. Traditional PPE had become scarce and only offered a single layer of protection against this deadly virus.

“I wanted to find a way to offer increased protection to those providing life-saving care.”

The BIANCA Box is born…

A self-sustaining, self-contained, and amazingly agile protective physical barrier with active HEPA filtration, the BIANCA Box helps protect healthcare professionals from a patient’s potentially-infectious aerosolized droplet particles. The box provides a layer of protection in addition to the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE).

Growing concerns for the global spread of respiratory pathogens have existed prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Trailer Length - 1:21
Date Released - January 22, 2020

Respiratory Epidemics and Pandemics

Pandemics have been well documented throughout history, with mention of the first alpha coronavirus as far back as the 1200-1500s. To prevent loss of life in the future, we must continue to learn from the past.


First documented alpha coronavirus

1200 – 1500
Virus: Alphacoronavirus HCoV-NL63
Deaths: Unknown
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Second documented alpha coronavirus

1700 – 1800
Virus: Alphacoronavirus HCoV-229E
Deaths: Unknown
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1733 Savannah Epidemic (Epidemic: 13 colonies)

1732 – 1733
First recorded respiratory epidemic in the “United States” (13 colonies)
Virus: Presumably, Influenza H4N1
Deaths: 14 with just over 100 colonists at the time
Evidence for history-dependence of influenza pandemic emergence
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Asiatic Flu or Russian Flu (Pandemic)

1889 – 1890
Virus: Influenza H3N8 or Coronavirus HCoV-OC43
Deaths: >1 million deaths (1.5 billion global population)
Society for Applied Microbiology
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First documented beta coronavirus

Virus: Betacoronavirus HCoV-OC43
Deaths: Unknown
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Old Hong Kong Influenza (Epidemic: Hong Kong)

Virus: Presumably, Influenza H3N8
Deaths: Limited Data
History of Influenza Pandemics
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Spanish Flu (Pandemic)

1918 – 1919
Virus: Influenza H1N1
Deaths: 50-100 million (2 billion global population)
WHO Europe
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Second documented beta coronavirus

Virus: Betacoronavirus HCoV-HKU1
Deaths: Unknown
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Asian Flu (Pandemic)

1957 – 1958
Virus: Influenza H2N2
Deaths: 1-4 million
WHO Europe
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Hong Kong Flu (Pandemic)

1968 – 1970
Virus: Influenza H3N2
Deaths: 1-4 million
WHO Europe
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London Flu (Epidemic – United States)

1972 – 1973
Virus: Influenza H3N2
Deaths: 1,027
NY Times
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Russian Flu (Pandemic)

1977 – 1979
Virus: Influenza H1N1
Deaths: 700,000
The Lancet
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SARS outbreak (Epidemic – Asia, North America, South America, Europe)

2002 – 2004
Virus: SARS-CoV-1 (Betacoronavirus)
Deaths: 774
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Asian & Egypt Avian Flu (Epidemic – SE Asia, Middle East, Europe, Egypt)

2003 – 2019
Virus: Influenza H5N1
Deaths: 455
WHO – Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office
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Swine Flu (Pandemic) 1st Pandemic of 21st century.

2009 – 2010
Virus: Influenza H1N1-pdm09 virus
Deaths: 150,000-575,000
WHO Europe
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Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) (Epidemic: Middle East, Africa, & South Asia)

2012 – Present
Virus: MERS-CoV (Betacoronavirus)
Deaths: 948
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
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Avian Influenza (Epidemic: China, Malaysia, & Canada)

2013 – 2019
Virus: Influenza H7N9
Deaths: 616
Food & Agricultural Organization of the United Nations
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MERS outbreak in South Korea (Epidemic: South Korea)

Virus: MERS-CoV (Betacoronavirus)
Deaths: 38
The Korean Journal of Internal Medicine
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Indian Swine Flu Outbreak (Epidemic: India)

2009 – 2015
Virus: Influenza H1N1
Deaths: 5,000
The Indian Journal of Medical Research
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COVID-19 (Pandemic)

2019 – Present
Virus: SARS-CoV-2 (Betacoronavirus)
Deaths: 6,181,850 deaths as of April 13th, 2022
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Current COVID 19 Statistics

Invest in preventing the next outbreak and commit to protecting our first responders.